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Dreams and Arrows (Part 2 of 2)

Title: Dreams and Arrows
Pairing(s): Yewook, Kyumin
Part 2 of 2 (because it's too big for just one T_T)
Summary:Yesung is the heir to the throne and is not sure he wants it. But a girl comes to him in his dreams and takes his fears away…So what happens next? Does she disappear forever into the depths of his mind? Or is she real, and desperate to be seen?
A/N: this was for hotarumyst for the Secret Santa. This was really fun to write, but it was also very difficult for me. I actually started with a completely different story and had to scrap four pages because it sounded stupid lol. But she seemed to like this so that made me happy :)


Another rough day. The Chinese were getting ready for a full out war against Korea if things did not get better soon. They accused his kingdom of stealing resources that they needed at that moment. But Yesung’s father swears they didn’t. China only wants their resources returned and they will back off. But Yesung’s father is too proud to admit defeat and give China the resources it needs. It was one of the few times his father had made bad choices and Yesung didn’t know how to tell his father that he was wrong.


Yesung wanted no more than to let sleep engulf him and have that beautiful girl, Ryeowook, just come talk to him for a while. Maybe she could help him. Maybe she would give him courage.


A knock came at his door. “Come in.” he called lazily without looking towards the door. He heard it slide open and then footsteps behind him before arms wound themselves around his waist. Yesung jumped and looked to see who it was.


There she was, Ryeowook. She was in her same white dress and barefoot. Her long brown hair still laid on her back free from any sort of band that might hold Sungmin’s or any other woman’s hair out of her face.


What are you doing here? Yesung tried to ask. But for the third time, his voice refused to leave him mouth and his ears were met with silence. She smiled her usual bright smile and released his waist to grab his hand. She tugged on it as a signal for him to come with her. He hesitated longer than last time. Did you predict my sister’s pregnancy? Yesung’s mouth worded. Even though he could not hear it, he knew she could.


Ryeowook stopped tugging on his arm and stared at him for a minute as if debating internally to tell him something. The light in her eyes changed as she made her decision. She didn’t say anything and went back to tugging on his arm. Yesung sighed and just gave in without his question being answered. He followed as she pulled on his arm. At first, he thought she was going to lead him to the garden again, but when they passed the garden, Yesung didn’t know where they were going.


Where are we going? Yesung asked. Ryeowook didn’t answer and continued to drag him along. By the time they had reached the edge of the forest, Yesung had given up on asking questions. Ryeowook finally stopped when they were at the base of a large tree. There was an ax next to it. When she released Yesung’s arm, she picked up the ax and carefully handed it to him.


“Cut it down.” she instructed as she pointed at the tree before them.


What? I can’t. Yesung tried to protest. But she just stared at him.


“Cut it down.” she said again. When Yesung saw there was no getting her to back down, Yesung did as he was told. It was only a dream right? So he wouldn’t get in trouble for this later. He swung the ax and the imbedded it into the tree. Pulling it out, he did it again. And again. And again. Finally, the tree came down and hit the ground enough to make it shake. But no sound was actually heard from its fall.


“One tree.” said Ryeowook. Then she climbed into the branches of the fallen tree and dug around. A few minutes later, she came back out with something in her hands. Approaching Yesung, she said, “Give someone a tree and they can use the wood for whatever they please. But if you are worried about keeping something, ask for these.” She showed him what was in her hands. It was seeds. “Get these back, and in the long run you will have more trees to give out and more to grow.”


Then she leaned up to place her lips to Yesung’s for the third time. But this time, Yesung leaned away from it. Every time you do that, I get sent back to wakefulness. he said. But I don’t want to wake up without answers this time. Yesung stared her down determinedly, but Ryeowook didn’t seem fazed.


“What do you want to know?” she asked.


Now that he was actually able to ask what he wanted, he didn’t know where to start. He had so many questions about who she was, why she seemed to show up in his dreams for the past few days, did she really predict Sungmin’s pregnancy, and more. But after tossing all the questions around in his head, the first one he asked was one that he hadn’t thought of.


Are you real?


Ryeowook’s expression changed at the question. Obviously, it was one she had not been expecting. Yesung just waited patiently as her eyes became unfocused and she deliberated with herself over how to answer the question. Then her eyes refocused and she stared at Yesung before asking, “Do you want me to be real?”


Yesung closed the distance he had created when he backed away from her kiss earlier. They were standing close together and he suddenly realized how much taller than her he was. Even after they had been so close a few times, he never took notice. Now that he thought about it, she was actually a very tiny girl. Small and skinny.


Yes. he answered her. Then he himself initiated the kiss and closed his eyes. The last thing he heard was the clack of the seed as they fell from her hands to the ground. Yesung’s eyes shot open when he heard the sound. It was the first thing he had heard other than Ryeowook’s voice in those dreams. But when he opened his eyes, he was back in his room again. He cursed and laid back on the pillow again. It was morning again, and he still had no answers. He thought back on the dream. Something clicked in his brain.


Getting up out of bed as quickly as possible, Yesung dressed and ran downstairs to eat breakfast before heading up to his father’s study with an idea that will make him happy and prevent war at the same time.




Two days later, the Chinese had accepted the resources given to them. Water was easy to give to them, the farmers of Korea generously gave of their crops, and the trees were given for lumber after they were stripped of their seeds and kept for spring, when they would be planted. Yesung’s father had reluctantly listened to his son when the idea was presented. He did not like giving up resources that were theirs, but Yesung had argued his point that giving up the resources was a simple matter if they did it then. If they let the Chinese continue to accuse them of robbing from their already poor country, a war would have broken out and many innocent people would have been hurt.


Water was a free resource and it continued to run. Trees were a resource you had to be slightly more careful of. They did not grow back very fast, but if planned carefully, you could have growing villages and growing forests at the same time.


“That’s my boy.” the king had said. Yesung smiled and they went home with lighter shoulders. Sungmin and Kyuhyun were still at the castle waiting to hear if everything was resolved. Sungmin had been called to the health wing by the doctor and Kyuhyun had resorted to shooting arrows again out of nervousness. He seemed to have made it a habit.


Minutes later, Sungmin came rushing out of the castle calling his name. “Kyuhyun! Kyuhyun!” Said man turned around just in time for Sungmin to run right into his arms crying tears of joy. “Kyuhyun! I’m pregnant!” she whispered excitedly.


“What?” exclaimed Kyuhyun in shock.


“I said I’m pregnant!” laughed Sungmin as the tears continued to fall. “I found out for sure just now!” Kyuhyun kissed her full on the mouth. Realization had just hit that he was going to be a father. He kissed her again. Her forehead, her cheeks, her eyelids, her nose her mouth again, he was as happy as she was.


“So that’s why you’ve been cranky.” he laughed as he brought his wife into his arms tightly. Sungmin laughed as well.


“This strange feeling isn’t a bad thing after all.” she said. “It’s the best thing that ever happened.”


Then they heard the loud horn that haled the return of the king and his son. They separated themselves and linked hands instead as they walked back towards the castle with the silliest grins on their faces. Yesung found them first. “We did it! There will be no war with the Chinese people!” Yesung said ecstatically. But when he saw the already smiling faces and the tear tracks on Sungmin’s face, he knew exactly what had just happened. He pulled his little sister into his arms for a big hug. “Congratulations!” he yelled happily.


Kyuhyun didn’t ask how Yesung knew. He just slipped away and let his wife have time to chat with her brother and possibly tell her father of the good news. Kyuhyun on the other hand, had to find someone. He made a promise to Sungmin after all.




Kyuhyun walked into the forest a ways and weaved himself through the trees. It was a path he had known all too well and frankly, it felt odd being in this part of the forest again after so long. It used to be his home, and then he met Sungmin.


He stopped after about ten minutes when he came into a tiny space only about twenty feet in diameter Green light filtered through the leaves of the trees surrounding him and a warm tingle went down Kyuhyun’s back. “Ryeowook!” Kyuhyun called. “Ryeowook, come out. It’s me Kyuhyun.”


It took a minute, but before he knew it, a little figure came up to float in front of him. It looked like a little person. She was in a white dress and she had long dark brown hair that fell over her back. Wings popped out from underneath the layer of hair. She rubbed her eyes with her hands as if she were sleepy. “What do you need, Kyu?” she asked tiredly. Kyuhyun put his hand up and Ryeowook landed on it; grateful she no longer had to flap her wings.


“Did I catch you sleeping?” asked Kyuhyun. Ryeowook nodded.


“I visited him three nights in a row and the magic I used wore me out. I’ve been asleep for about a day and a half.” she told him. “I still have to see him one more time. They came back today right?” Kyuhyun nodded slightly. “Good.”


“You shouldn’t use your magic so recklessly. It’s dangerous.” Kyuhyun reprimanded the little fairy lightly.


“Oh!” yelled Ryeowook – now slightly more awake – with her hands on her hips. “Look who’s talking, Mr. ‘Look what I can do with my powers’!”


Kyuhyun laughed. “I didn’t say it wasn’t fun.” Ryeowook smiled bitterly up at him.


“You haven’t grown up one bit. Even with a kid on the way you still act like one yourself.” Ryeowook pointed out. Kyuhyun frowned and pressed his finger over Ryeowook gently. But her being much smaller than him was pinned down by that one finger. “KYU! Quit doing that!”


“Quit picking on me then.” pouted Kyuhyun as he lifted his finger. Ryeowook took flight and got close to Kyuhyun’s head. She patted his forehead with her small hand.


“I should rest a bit more before tonight. I’ll maybe see you soon alright?” Ryeowook said with a smile.


“And if you don’t?” asked Kyuhyun skeptically.


“Then come visit me more often. I miss seeing my baby brother. But I don’t think you’ll have to come back here anymore to see me.” Ryeowook’s smile grew as she thought of the last time she had gone to see Yesung a few days prior to then. He had kissed her, not the other way around.


“Alright.” said Kyuhyun. “I’ll let you sleep then. Bye Noona.” Kyuhyun waved to the little floating figure and watched as she waved back before she disappeared into the bushes again.




Yesung flung himself onto his bed, clearly exhausted. He had hardly slept in the last two days and what little time he did get to sleep, Ryeowook never appeared to him. He missed her. She had helped him convince his father that things could be fine without the resources they gave up.


Sighing for about the billionth time in the last few days, Yesung turned his mind to Sungmin and Kyuhyun. The two of them looked so happy. Kyuhyun looked like he was about to burst from joy alone, and Sungmin kept touching her stomach like she still couldn’t believe it and would never believe it until the birth. He inwardly laughed at the two, but at the same time, he was grateful for their joy. Now, he only wished for his own happiness.


Yesung closed his eyes, willing himself to sleep. He just wanted to sleep. He wanted all the fatigue from the day to fade away and to feel relaxed for the first time in days. He wanted to let darkness claim him and remain that way for a long time. Just rest. Just sleep.


Then he heard a soft melody being sung, and fingers began to run through his hair soothingly. Yesung felt his heart jump with happiness as he quickly realized who it was. He opened his eyes and Ryeowook’s face was before his with a smile on it. She continued to run her fingers through Yesung’s hair and her sweet humming seemed to attempt to lull him back into darkness, but he resisted the urge.


Where have you been? asked Yesung. Again, his voice didn’t come out, but he didn’t care. The thing he did care about was that there were dark circles under Ryeowook’s eyes that he hadn’t seen before. He reached out and gently brushed his fingers over them. Are you alright? he asked. Ryeowook nodded as she pulled Yesung’s fingers away.


“Just tired.” she answered. Her fingers stopped moving through Yesung’s hair. “Do you really want to know who I am?” she asked uncertainly. Yesung’s eyes widened in surprise, but he nodded his head slowly. Ryeowook hesitated a minute before she leaned away from Yesung and stood in the middle of the room. Yesung looked at her with confusion before he started noticing a change in the strange girl before him. She was shrinking.


He watched, astounded, as she shrank to a smaller and smaller size. When she stopped shrinking, she looked up at him with apologizing eyes. Then she flapped her wings so she could come closer to Yesung’s shocked face.


“This is me.” she told him nervously. “This is who I really am.”


You’re a…fairy? asked Yesung in disbelief. He reached out his hand for her to land on, and Ryeowook did. She nodded in response to his question.


“It takes a lot of magic to stay in human form. Which is why I have not been coming to you in the past few days. I’ve been exhausted. I’m still exhausted!” she admitted. “But…I missed you.”


I missed you too. said Yesung with a smile. He held the little fairy up closer to his eyes. I just can’t believe someone as tiny as you helped me solve my kingdom’s problem with China. Yesung’s laugh came out silent. Ryeowook blushed a little and looked up at Yesung; her eyes glowing.


“I love you.” she whispered. Yesung almost dropped her in surprise.


What? asked Yesung.


Ryeowook didn’t hesitate in repeating herself. “I said I love you.”


But how can you? Yesung wondered aloud. You’re not real that I know of. Fairies don’t exist, do they?


“I assure you, they do.” answered Ryeowook. “And I just need to tell you, all the dreams you’ve had of me were made by me and to certain limitations, actually happened. Everything that made a sound, was real. The tree I had you cut down was not real because when it fell, it made no sound. But the seeds I dropped when you kissed me that same night are still in the very place we were standing. My voice was heard because I am very real. And your voice was not heard because that would have made everything come to life and confuse those around you. I would be a fabricated human forever, and I don’t want that. So I was very careful with my magic. There is only one sentence that you are allowed to say, and it will make me a real human. I will no longer have fairy blood in me if you say that one sentence.”


And what is that sentence? inquired Yesung.


“Magical law forbids me from telling you.” answered the tiny figure. “I only hope that you say it to me, because it would make me the happiest person alive.”


I would be happiest if you were human. And I deeply hope that my head is not playing tricks on me and that you are real. I feel like you’re more than a dream to me. You were able to make me calm enough to accept my inheritance and you helped me stop a war from happening. And through the last few days, I don’t think I’ve just been missing you. I think there’s something else there. Yesung stopped moving his lips and stared at the little person on his hand as he thought over what to say next. Ryeowook beat him to it.


“What do you think was there?” Ryeowook asked with great curiosity.


I think…it was love. answered Yesung with shining eyes. He seemed to miss it, but Ryeowook’s eyes brightened with joy and she felt the prickle of tears begin as she listened to the man she loved. I don’t think I was aware of it before you said you loved me. admitted Yesung. But now that I can see it, I’m really starting to think that I loved you the first night you came into my dreams. A tear slid down Ryeowook’s happy face as Yesung said his next words.


“I love you.” Yesung’s voice came out of his throat for the first time in those dreams of his. His hand shot to his mouth in surprise and Ryeowook laughed her heart away as the magic surrounding her became undone.




Sunlight flitted in through Yesung’s window, effectively waking him from his deep sleep. His dream came back to him quickly and he bolted from his bed. His eyes scanned the room but found nothing. Yesung frowned and swore he could have started crying at that very moment. It was just a dream after all. He punched the wall in frustration before allowing a tear to slip down his cheek. Falling for a dream was something one must never do.


A knock came to his door and Yesung wiped away the warm tear and forced himself to be composed. “Come in.” he called to the person just outside his door. He didn’t turn to the door; for fear that they would notice his temporary weakness.  He heard the door swing open and heard the footfalls of more than one person.


“Hyung.” It was Kyuhyun. “I’d like you to meet my sister. Her name is Ryeowook.” The name alone got Yesung to turn his body enough to look at the girl Kyuhyun had brought to him. The two siblings stood before him with the same knowing smile on both of their faces. His eyes glanced at Kyuhyun, but they stayed on the girl next to him.


She was beautiful. She was wearing a simple white sundress with no shoes. Her hair was long and left to lay free on her back. Her eyes were shining with joy and her smile seemed to glow with anticipation. She was just like he remembered her in his dreams. He couldn’t help but choke on a sob.


“Ryeowook? You’re real?” Yesung asked as she walked towards him.


When she put her arms around his neck, she whispered to him, “I told you I was.” Then she placed her lips to his and for once, Yesung did not wake from a dream. He stayed in the moment and the happiness overflowed at that very moment. He kissed back and then picked her up by the waist to spin her around in circles. Their lips separated only to laugh.


“Marry me?” asked Yesung.


Ryeowook looked at and a tear slid down her face. “You don’t even have to ask.” She pulled him down for another kiss and when they separated, they just stayed standing together for a while.




“How did you do it Kyu?” asked a very pregnant Sungmin. Yesung’s and Ryeowook’s wedding had been held a few months after Ryeowook became human. The king wanted everything to be perfect for his son’s wedding, so it had taken longer than expected.


Kyuhyun was escorting Sungmin to a seat at the celebration when Sungmin had posed the question. She was looking at Ryeowook standing next to Yesung. Ryeowook looked beautiful in her wedding gown. Her shoulders were exposed and the body of the white dress fit perfectly to all her curves; not to mention the long train on the dress added to the beauty. Her hair was braded and pulled back off her beautiful face and the crown of the future queen sat atop her head. Yesung looked quite dashing in his best robes for the occasion. He was also wearing the crown of the heir to the throne, and he was quite proud of it.


“You don’t want to know how I did it.” Kyuhyun laughed. “Oh! Be careful!” Sungmin tripped and if Kyuhyun hadn’t been there, she would have taken a nasty fall. “You scared me.” Kyuhyun reprimanded.


Sungmin cast him an apologizing look. “I’m sorry. I’m still not used to having this thing in the way of everything.” she said as she poked her large stomach softly. Kyuhyun smiled fondly at his wife.


“I really owe a lot to Ryeowook.” he said. “She gave me the courage to get to know you. I felt bad for leaving her alone for so long.” By this time, Kyuhyun had explained to Sungmin about his past and – no surprise – she was stunned and delighted at the same time. She had always believed in fairies, but had never actually seen one.


“Tell me how you got those two together.” Sungmin asked out of the blue. She was not going to give up. How had those two fallen for each other so fast? Kyuhyun just laughed lightly.


“You really want to know how I did it?” he asked. Sungmin nodded enthusiastically. Kyuhyun chuckled again. Then he raised his arms as if he had a bow and arrow in them and aimed it at the newly wedded couple. He pulled his right arm back towards his ear and then opened his hand as if to release an arrow. He turned back to Sungmin without lowering his arms. “That’s how I did it.”


“I don’t understand.” said Sungmin. So Kyuhyun took two grapes and picked up a stick from off the ground. He placed the two grapes onto the table.


“These two grapes represent their hearts.” he told his wife. Then he showed her the stick. “This represents my arrow.” He then to the grapes and stuck them onto the stick. “When my arrow pierced their hearts at the same time, it connected them. Get it now?”


“A little.” Sungmin said. Kyuhyun sighed, but smiled anyway.


“I guess it’s alright if you don’t get it.” he mumbled. His hand ran down the side of her face gently. Then he felt the need to touch Sungmin’s stomach. “Do you mind?” he asked. Sungmin shook her to indicate it was alright. Kyuhyun placed his hand on her round stomach and then put his head near it to whisper to the little baby growing inside. Sungmin smiled and began looking around the busy room with curiosity. Everything was so busy, and the happy couple was talking to the nobles of the kingdom. Even a representative of China came to see the king and queen to be.


Then something caught Sungmin’s eye. She nudged Kyuhyun slightly. “Kyu, look at Ryeowook.” Kyuhyun lifted his head to look in the direction Sungmin was indicating.


“What is it?” he asked when he saw nothing in particular about his sister that caught his eye.


“Look at her hands.” Kyuhyun observed closer and found Ryeowook’s hands laid on her stomach in an inconspicuous fashion. She just looked like she was folding her hands right above her waist. But by this time, Kyuhyun was looking closely enough that he could see the slight roundness her stomach had to it and that her hands were actually laid carefully on it.


Kyuhyun smiled widely. “Looks like they’ll be making another special announcement very soon.” he commented. Then he pulled his arms up again and aimed straight at the couple. He opened his right hand and the invisible arrow shot forward. With a victorious expression on his face, Kyuhyun turned to Sungmin and whispered, “I never miss.”


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Dec. 25th, 2009 03:51 am (UTC)
this was awesome and sweet and cute and ^_^
thanks for sharing this :) definitely the type of fanfic i wanna read before christmas ♥
Dec. 25th, 2009 02:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you for this great fic.I really like the whole fairies thingy and oh,this is just super sweet and romantic!
Dec. 25th, 2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
fdjsfjdgg I love the story, really it was so cute the part when Min tell Kyu she was pregnant
and the YeWook....the best xD
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